Version 8.3.3


Function Description
Function Description
WsAnalyticsJob Creates a new analytics job
Function Description
WsAssetFile Deletes the specified assetfile
Function Description
WsPaletteReport Create request to send palette report
Asset Functions
Function Description
AddImageAsset Ingest image asset into a particular account.
WsAsset Delete an asset
WsAssetAssociatedFile Removes an association between a file and an asset
WsAssetAssociatedLink Delete a asset link association
WsAssetCaptionFile Delete an asset's caption file
WsAssetCustomEmbed Delete asset custom embed
WsDeleteUnpreparedAsset delete an unprepared file
WsPresentationSlide Removes a presentation slide
WsRecycleAsset Permanently delete an asset from the recycle bin
WsThumbnail Delete a thumbnail
Client Functions
Function Description
WsFolder Delete a media folder
Program Functions
Function Description
WsMidRollAd Removes a mid roll ad
WsProgram Removes a program
Project Functions
Function Description
WsVodProject Deletes an existing Vod Project