Version 8.3.5


Function Description
Function Description
WsAnalyticsJob Creates a new analytics job
Function Description
WsAssetAssociatedFile Adds a new associated file to an asset, this must be a valid existing asset
WsAssetAssociatedLink Adds a new associated link to an asset
WsAssetCaptionFile Adds a new caption file to an asset, file must be uploaded separetely and path provided in this service
WsAssetCustomEmbed Creates asset custom embed
WsAssetFile Adds a new assetfile to an asset
WsPresentationSlide Add a new slide to a presentation
WsRetranscodeAsset Re transcodes an existing asset
WsThumbnail Add a thumbnail to a video or audio asset.
Function Description
WsFolder Add a new folder to an account
Function Description
WsLiveNote Adds a new live note to a live project
Function Description
WsLogin Get an user token
Function Description
WsPaletteReport Create request to send palette report
Asset Functions
Function Description
AddFileAsset Ingest file asset into a particular account.
AddImageAsset Ingest image asset into a particular account.
AddMediaAsset Ingest media asset into a particular account.
AddPresentationAsset Ingest presentation asset into a particular account.
WsDeleteUnpreparedAsset delete an unprepared file
WsVimeoPublish Publishes asset to Vimeo for the specified Vimeo account
WsYouTubePublish Publishes asset to YouTube for the specified YouTube account
Program Functions
Function Description
WsMidRollAd Ads a new mid roll ad to a program
WsProgram Creates a new program