Version 7.11.1

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Returns client details and child accounts based on filter

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
app_token string The api token for the given account. You can find the api token when navigating through account->api accounts
apiv integer The api version; only version 5 supported.
user_token string The user token of the user trying to access the account
include_children string include_children to include child accounts
include_tiered_children string Include children of children and so on
include_siblings string Include siblings accounts
include_family string Include family accounts that the user has access to
include_lpo_channel_count string Include lpo channel count. Possible values true/false.

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 201 Client Found
  • 101 Invalid client token.
  • 102 Invalid app token.
  • 659 Invalid Client
  • 722 Invalid User

Example Response