Version 7.11.1

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Returns Live Events for a client

URL Format

/ws/ws_live_event/api/{app_token}/mode/json/apiv/5/?start={index_start}&end={index_end}&shortTerm={0/1}&startDate={YYYY-MM-DDTH:i:sZ}&endDate={YYYY-MM-DDTH:i:sZ}&uuid={event uuid}&seriestoken={seriestoken}&hourlimit={3/6/12/24}&liveNote={liveNote}&startDateComp={startDateComp}&endDate={endDateComp}&eventType={live/simulated}&responseformat={elements/client}&durationRange={durationRange}&startDateRange={startDateRange}


Name Req Type Description
app_token string App token for the client
apiv integer The api version; only version 5 supported.
start integer Index to start results
end integer Index to stop results
shortTerm integer '1' to remove events longer than 24hrs
startDate string Start date to filter results (YYYY-MM-DDTH:i:sZ)
endDate string End date to filter results (YYYY-MM-DDTH:i:sZ)
uuid string Event uuid
seriestoken string token for the series
hourlimit integer Hours from now to limit results, (3,6,12,24)
startDateComp integer startDateComp is startdate comparator. Possible values (>,<,>=,<=,==), values need to be url encoded
endDateComp integer endDateComp is enddate comparator. Possible values (>,<,>=,<=,==), values need to be url encoded
eventType integer event type (live/simulated)
responseformat string commma separated value of the live event items thats needed in the response. Possible values client,elements,series
durationRange string commma separated values for providing the range example (0,3600) means anything between 0 and 1 hour
startDateRange string commma separated values startDateRange. Example format (2014-08-08T00:00:00Z,2014-08-09T00:00:00Z)
liveNote string used for liveNote. Possible values (post_check,pre_check,health_check,PASS,FAIL)
includeL2vConfig string used to inlcude l2vConfig in the response. Possible values (true/false)

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 323 Live Events Found
  • 864 No Live Events Found
  • 345 No Live Events Found
  • 659 Invalid Client
  • 102 Invalid app token
  • 343 Invalid startDate
  • 347 Invalid endDate
  • 662 Invalid duration
  • 663 Invalid startDate range

Example Response

  "response": {
    "success": {
      "code": 323,
      "message": "Live Events Found",
      "details": ""
    "WsLiveEventResponse": {
      "liveEvents": [
          "class": "LiveEvent",
          "startDate": "2013-09-26T04:01:00Z",
          "timezone": "America\/New_York",
          "uuid": "**********",
          "seriesToken": "*********",
          "isActive": 1,
          "duration": 35996400,
          "eventType": "live",
          "UTCStartTime": 1380168060,
          "clientUuid": "***************",
          "title": "title",
          "description": "description",
          "hasGeoFilter": false,
          "streamPackages": [
              "class": "LiveStreamPackage",
              "id": 5,
              "title": "**********",
              "type": "video",
              "uuid": "xtu217u5",
              "rtsp": "***************",
              "isLPOStreamPackage": 0,
              "priority": 1,
              "streams": {
                "sdSmil": "************"
              "m3u8": "*************",
              "m3u8Audio": "",
              "thumbnailUrl": "*****************"
          "googleAnalyticsAccount": "***********"
      "currentCount": "1",
      "totalCount": "2"