versión 7.11.2

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Returns a list of programs that are related to a particular program based on the tags/keywords.

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
app_token string The api token for the given account. You can find the api token when navigating through account->api accounts
apiv integer The api version; only version 5 supported.
program_uuid string Program UUID for the program.
p string UUID for the project whos tags to use.
refid string Reference Id for the project.
prefid string Reference Id for the program.
start int index for which to start itteration for pagination.
end int index for which to stop the results.
sortby string column to sort results by. Possible values {assetTitle, programTitle, programCreation, assetCreation}
sortdir string (ASC|DESC)

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 303 Programs Found
  • 102 Invalid App Token
  • 316 Invalid Program UUID
  • 338 Invalid Project UUID
  • 407 No Programs Available for this Project.
  • 429 Programs not found.

Example Response

  "response": {
    "success": {
      "code": 303,
      "message": "Programs Found",
      "details": ""
    "getRelatedPrograms": {
      "class": "Category",
      "categoryid": 0,
      "projectid": "129905",
      "totalCount": "10",
      "currentCount": 1,
      "programs": [
          "class": "Program",
          "sortnum": 1,
          "type": "video",
          "dateStart": "2012-04-30T17:39:48Z",
          "dateEnd": "2024-04-30T17:39:48Z",
          "assetid": 980413,
          "uuid": "x73epb3r",
          "presentationid": 0,
          "isHidden": 0,
          "geoFilterId": 0,
          "youtubePublishable": 1,
          "hasGeoFilter": false,
          "thumbnailUrl": "",
          "posterUrl": "",
          "duration": "127.802001953125",
          "projectUUID": "t8592qaq",
          "asset": {
            "ipadM3u8Url": "http:\/\/\/ws\/get_m3u8\/v1\/iPad\/980413.m3u8",
            "iphoneM3u8Url": "http:\/\/\/ws\/get_m3u8\/v1\/iPhone\/980413.m3u8",
            "m3u8AndroidURL": "http:\/\/\/i\/mm\/flvmedia\/,3947\/w\/0\/5\/w057r7cd_xk9dy1vm_h264_828K.mp4,3947\/w\/0\/5\/w057r7cd_xz2701y6_h264_628K.mp4,3947\/w\/0\/5\/w057r7cd_e988h9av_h264_414K.mp4,3947\/w\/0\/5\/w057r7cd_w9c337p2_h264_304K.mp4,.csmil\/master.m3u8?cid=3947&aid=980413",
            "rtmpSmil": "http:\/\/\/ws\/get_smilv2\/od\/rtmp\/tr_projectuuid_t8592qaq\/tr_programuuid_x73epb3r\/980413.smil",
            "httpSmil": "http:\/\/\/ws\/get_smilv2\/od\/http\/tr_projectuuid_t8592qaq\/tr_programuuid_x73epb3r\/980413.smil",
            "hdSmil": "http:\/\/\/ws\/get_smilv2\/od\/hd\/tr_projectuuid_t8592qaq\/tr_programuuid_x73epb3r\/980413.smil",
            "captions": [
            "asset_type": "video"
          "Title": "Baboons",
          "Description": "",
          "hasChapters": false
      "clientUUID": "69739d355baa942ebab4d61573aa08ed",
      "projectUUID": "t8592qaq"